Song Premiere: Jessica Boudreaux, "Pulling Away"

Jessica Boudreaux, leader of Kill Rock Stars’ fiery garage-rock ensemble Summer Cannibals, is set to release release her debut solo effort, No Fury, on November 3. When crafting her debut solo effort Boudreaux collaborated with Hutch Harris of Portland no-fi legends The Thermals who co-wrote five tracks and produced the record.
Brimming with pop hooks and fiery lyrics, No Fury packs an emotional punch. Maintaining the brooding bite that she has become known for, on No Fury Boudreaux replaced the wailing riffs and pounding drums with intricate guitar melodies and creatively incorporated pop synths to create a danceable sound that somehow communicates a pinch of anger and a bittersweet sadness.
Collaborating with recording engineer Victor Nash, who tracked much of the album at his sci-fi themed studio Destination: Universe in Portland, No Fury is a pop collection filtered through the eyes and ears of a true rocker. The album serves as an homage to the pop idols of her childhood (Madonna, Britney Spears) and a companion of her current contemporaries (Tegan and Sara, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jenny Lewis). No Fury is a unique peek into the influences, desires, and ultimately, the pure pop heart of Jessica Boudreaux.
Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “Pulling Away” today.

We also recently caught up with Bourdreaux to discuss the endeavor. This is what she said.
You’ve been releasing records at a fairly prolific clip. Is the material from your solo album songs that you’ve been writing all along?
No, the songs from the solo album are songs I wrote specifically for it over the last year. I generally like to write with a purpose in mind, helps keep me focused and stay in the right mind set.
When and why did it become clear that you should pursue this endeavor?
I had been writing for a new Summer Cannibals album and just felt very stuck. Everything I was writing felt so old to me…like I’d done it in slightly different variations three albums in a row. So I decided to try writing a song that would never go on a Summer Cannibals record. Just to break my block. And with that song I felt like my mind was opened and I didn’t want to stop there. It’s incredibly exciting and fun to write something that sounds entirely new for you and so it seemed obvious after writing the first couple of songs that I should pursue it fully.
Are you new to experimenting with synths?
Not really, I was a synth player in a couple bands when I first moved to Portland. I got away from it whenever I started Summer Cannibals but always maintained a love for synths. I’m more new to the drum programming aspect of this kind of music, but it turns out I love it a lot.
This record is far more pop-oriented than your material with Summer Cannibals. What pop records were you leaning on for inspiration as you pursued this record?
I have always listened to pop music-since I was a kid and on. As far as modern albums go I was listening to Carly Rae Jepsen, Tegan and Sara, Sky Ferreira, Grimes and much more. Also staying super focused on classic pop albums by strong women-Blondie, Madonna, Mariah Carey, etc.
What did Hutch Harris bring to the process of giving this record life?
He did a lot. He kind of coached me in the beginning and encouraged me to keep writing in this direction when I felt a little nervous and unsure. He helped me throw away a lot of songs that just weren’t strong enough — like 40. He ended up co-writing five songs on the album-which was so fun and awesome to do with him. This sound is something totally new for both of us so I think it helped us be uninhibited in a way. He’s also just an awesome person to have in the studio. He’s patient and is really great at keeping morale up. The record wouldn’t be the same without him.
What are your favorite moments on the record?
I love the song “All for the Best.” I’ve never recorded a song just me and a piano and it felt really pure and new for me. The song is sad and I was going through an emotional time when I was writing it, but now when I hear it I don’t feel sadness I hear power.
Do you believe there are more “solo” records in your future?
Yes, definitely. Almost finished recording it now.
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