Song Premiere: Jason Halogen, “Ruxpin In The Attic”

Originally hailing from Burlington, VT to now his current residence in Los Angeles, Jason “Halogen” Dunn is someone that can simply do it all musically.  Some of his accolades include being a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and audio engineer whose combination of anthemic pop, rock, psychedelia, full-hearted delivery, and snark has earned critical accolades. Matthew Sweet, Pink Floyd, Oasis, R.E.M., Death Cab For Cutie, and The Beatles, among others have been just a handful of bands/artists that have been compared to Dunn’s work.

Today, Dunn has dropped his latest single “Ruxpin” which will be found in the upcoming release Disasterpiece Theater.  Coming in with frenetic drops and punk drums, and Dunn’s stylish spin vocally, the track offers up a heavy swing of indie-pop.  Dunn said of the single:  “Remember the creepy Teddy Ruxpin bears that would animatronically mouth along to cassettes you’d put into their back? I had this kind of Edgar Allen Poe-ish idea that they could play back all the happy times from your failed relationship, and you could either keep the bear and cry yourself to sleep or you could hide it real good in your ex’s house, playing back on a loop. Reasonable, right? I play everything on this one, and the video by Lawrence Hollie is similarly DIY; a huge psychedelic digital explosion that he edited on an iPhone because the pandemic closed down the editing studio. Big, sad, epic song with my best Tony Levin impression on bass and my best Steven Rothery impression on guitar.”

Halogen’s work fronting The Halogens and The Luxury in Boston earned the bands award nominations and wins, as well as shows on stages from the smallest New England clubs to Boston Garden. In 2016, Halogen moved to Los Angeles and took up the mantle of “solo artist”, crafting Disasterpiece Theatre in his home studio while trying to define home in a new culture on a new coast. The result is a wild, deeply human swing through an eclectic set of musical and emotional motifs, touching on love, friendship, loss, indignation, isolation, growth and hope.

A true “solo album”, Disasterpiece Theatre is a record conceived, written, arranged, produced and recorded by Halogen, who plays nearly every note on the album. Mixed with Phillip Jordan and mastered by Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Hans Dekline.

Disasterpiece Theater is out October 22.