Song Premiere: io & Titan, "Wandering Mind"

Songs weaved from the influences of Lennon, Dylan, and Simon with the rhythmic layering of sounds from West Africa, io & Titan (aka Matt Schlatter) has mastered his craft to perfection.  As for his live sets, Schlatter goes about it alone, which is quite remarkable considering the dense musical landscape he creates.  While performing, you will see Schlatter use a drum pad, guitar, wurlitzer, his voice and his laptop to shape the scene.
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single “Wandering Mind,” which will be on io & Titan’s upcoming EP dream of Two moons.  The song was put together during Matt’s journey throughout India. A soft ambiance starts off the single followed by yielding guitars.  As “Wandering Mind” reaches its highest point, a crescendo of layered strings and Schlatter’s vocals come alive in the purest of moments.  Lyrically, “Wandering Mind” centers on being a daydreamer that shouldn’t be shackled down.  Taking in the sights and the culture that one experiences while traveling, Schlatter captures those feelings and thoughts with ease.
dream of Two moons is slated for release on June 1st.