Song Premiere: Happy Tooth & Dug "Lie Awake"

Columbus, OH. Like a number of other locales, Columbus has been a hotbed of music and creativity for years and it never comes as a surprise when an artist releases something…challenging. For Happy Tooth & Dug, Hip-Hop outfit that’s morphed into a 6-piece unit throughout the years.

According to the band itself, they’re “Indie Rock made with love and construction paper.” Some say Hip-Hop, others claim Indie Rock, but what Happy Tooth & Dug accomplish is seamlessly crossing genres without missing a step, allowing the music to keep its feet firmly planted in both. All the while, the band doesn’t have to be associated with either.

The group formed back in 2012 and first release W?.?H?.?Y?.?G?.?O?.?D?.?W?.?H?.?Y., which received critical praise. Since then, the group has released an assortment of music and through the years, the band has honed its skill for something quite amazing. The six-man outfit, rapper Colin Ward, rapper Douglas Gamble, vocalist/guitarist/computer navigator/gluestick user Ryan Liptak, guitarist Eric Dixon, drummer Blaine Faherty, and bassist Phil Effingham, all mesh their instruments together, creating vibrantly sprawling sounds that swoon through atmospheres.

Just 4 months since the release of the group’s 5-song release All In Your Head, Happy Tooth & Dug share the new single “Lie Awake,” which is everything one might think the band is able to accomplish. Gamble & Ward volley lyrics off of one another while the band allows the music to flow generously without over-indulgence. Guitars create ethereal backdrops while the rhythm section ignores a chaotic world to create something with such beauty, it may be difficult to piece together into words.