Song Premiere: Griff/Scorcese “Ode To Camp Lo” Feat. Alaska

There are moments when artists have become influential to others. For the Chicago duo, the partnership of producer Griff and wordsmith Scorcese, this comes in a multitude of forms, from 70s and 80s pro-wrestling to Hip-Hop emcees that came before them. This September 24th, the duo is set to release a new album, Midnight Express, and have already shared the first single off the record entitled “Detlef (feat. Eddie Kaine).” The track allows both rappers to volley words back and forth over Griff’s thick Boom-Bap beats.

Now Griff and Scorcese share their new track “Ode To Camp Lo” a homage to the Bronx rappers. With the track, they tag in Hangar 18 rapper Alaska as well. The song bounces with old school aesthetics that hold up well for 2020 with clever wordplay for good measure, with DJ Chong Wizard on the cuts.

Of the track, Scorcese shares:

“When I heard the beat, it sounded like something off Black Hollywood. I wanted to do some Ill Camp Lo style slang — just really colorful and exciting. Alaska and Chong got involved almost by accident.  I sent Alaska a few tracks and he loved this one.  It was actually his idea to do the last verse back-and-forth.  Chong was actually referred by the homie Zilla Rocca.  I sent him the track to ask if he would be down to add a part and he sent it back within a few days with ill additions.”