Song Premiere: Freestyle Cologne “Lay Still”

Freestyle Cologne isn’t some fly-by-night outfit or a snatch ‘n grab crew out of the Bronx in search of its next score. Not by a longshot. Who and what they are is the trio of Boxguts, LoDeck & DJ Reddrokk who are set to release its new L’eau De Guts LP on July 23, 2021. The collective releases it’s new album which follows-up it’s debut, Because You Stink back in 2011. While being relatively new to Freestyle Cologne, Reddrokk’s friendship was solidified from back in the eary days of attending poker games at the turn of the millinium. The friendship that both Lodeck and Boxguts have has transcended time and literally, space. Although LoDeck now calls Nevada home while Boxguts has firmly planted his feet in Vermont, the chemistry between the two emcees is palpable and continue to vibe seemlessly, volleying rhymes off one another.

Today the duo shares the new single, “Lay Still,” produced by The Golden Godz. The track sways with Boom-Bap aesthetics and the two ride the beat the best way they can. Of the track, Freestyle Cologne offers, “The track is about our raw beginnings sharpening our bars so we are battle-tested. It’s about having our roots in hardcore hiphop.”

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