Song Premiere: Formants "Eyes"

With members of Chicago experimental punk band, Lower Automation, Formants are set to release what the band itself refers to as a “synth-pop / noise / experimental / choral / sound / art / whatever-you-want-to-call-it” self-titled EP on November 6, 2019. The album was pieced together and assembled with field recordings and self-made samples this past summer. The sounds twist into dynamic textures and are woven together through an abnormal, yet creative, imagination. The EP contains four moody songs that convey a sensual melancholy not heard in most modern electronic music. Today the band premieres its sultry “Eyes” which conveys a range of emotions and is completely captivating.

Of the forthcoming EP, the group’s brainchild Derek Allen shares:

“This EP came together really quick this summer. I just started messing around with synths and field recordings I had and this is what happened. There was a long period of experimentation, different trials, and editing, but these four songs were written pretty off the cuff. The lyrics were mostly started during a long West Coast tour and finished with the recording.”

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