Song Premiere: Emily Jackson, “Oh Mother”

As a teen, Emily Jackson made the bold and daring decision to give up a label contract to study acting.  After ten years that has included time in the prestigious CalArts School of Theater, Jackson has made her triumphant return to music.  
Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single “Oh Mother”.  Inspired by her relationship with her own mother, Jackson’s opus is haunting and deeply moving.  Dark synths combine with tribal drums round out the instrumental landscape.  Movie composer Hans Zimmer and the French producer Woodkid who have greatly influenced Jackson’s sonic identity, which could be tied to her acting studies.  
“Music has always made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world so I really wanted to make something that would move others in that way; the way my favorite music has always moved me. I felt the best way to do that was to be as honest as possible in my lyrics, and from there build sounds that would elicit something in me, Jackson said in regards to “Oh Mother”.  “The song began as a letter to my Mother, but as I kept writing and developing it it evolved into a letter for everyone. There are so many things we can be angry at our parents for, but there are so many of those things that they never could have prepared us for even if they wanted to. I think we are all united in that.”