Song Premiere: DJ Ride “i be buyin” feat. Not Yes

DJ Ride may not be a familiar name but musically he’s right on track. He’s spent the last decade behind the decks, honing his skills as an innovative beatmaker, scratch avantgardist, and producer. The world champion turntablist performs consistently almost 100 shows a year all over the world, sharing bills with notable artists like Flying Lotus, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki to name a few. But this isn’t about his resumé, it’s about his music.

DJ Ride is set to release his sixth full-length album, the cross-pollinating Lightspeed (Dome of Doom), set for release on October 30, that seamlessly combines Dub Step and Hip-Hop for an amalgamation of sound that is derivative only unto itself. While this is a sound the Portuguese beatmaker has consistently delivered throughout the years, the new release is his most realized work.

In anticipation of the release, DJ Ride shares the powerfully addictive “i be buyin'” which finds the sound designer collaborating with the group Not Yes. The tapestry woven throughout it hits hard with thick beats and stormy melodies. Of the song, both DJ Ride and Not Yes share thoughts on one another and the track itself.

DJ Ride:
Not Yes and I connected via Instagram. I already heard the music of Not Yes music so I knew we could do something dope together! They sent me an initial idea and then the main goal was to put some of my signature sounds and mix it with the original stems. I think it worked very well. I feel the sound is a mix between old school breaks and halftime/neuro synths/sound design. 

Not Yes:
We’ve been big fans of DJ Ride’s work for a long time. We came in contact through Instagram and then found a WIP in our exports that we were eager to have DJ Ride take a spin on. Clear from the start was that the ‘uh-huh’ vocal was going to be the main element of the song. It gave a weird almost sensual twist to the other heavy bass elements in the track. In addition, we took the classic phone sound sampling from trap and similar genres to infuse another twist to bass music. We feel this genre shouldn’t always be too serious and these are some examples of how we want to show our take on it. Overall, we’re very happy and honored to have it featured on DJ Ride’s new album!

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