Song Premiere: DBM, "Slow Money"

Hip-hop artist DBM, a.k.a. Dane The Beautiful Monster releases the debut single, “Slow Money,” from his forthcoming album From Ashes Rose A King (#FARAK) via Ghettoblaster today. DBM is a long-standing indie emcee who has a true gift as a wordsmith. His talents have been showcased in the Garden State Hip-Hop Cypher series.
“Slow Money” enlightens listeners about his hustle and the sacrifices he’s made in pursuit of a career in music. When asked about the song DBM said, “If there were a cult for entrepreneurs that were focused solely on their dreams coming true, this would be the song they chant before drinking Crow’s blood. [It is a] melodic look into the suffering of a man that refuses to let his dreams go.”
The Youseesounds produced track takes an honest look into what life is like as an independent musician. Enjoy it below.