Song Premiere: Cool Fang Shares New Single, "Heartbreaker"

It’s rare to come across a new artist whose music is stark, refreshing, and surprisingly addictive in every sense of the word. Cool Fang encapsulates that feeling in every sense of the word(s). Cool Fang is the pseudonym gone by Bay Area musician Dylan Morris who is set to release his album debut album Sparring (Filthy Broke Recordings) on March 15, 2019, digitally and on cassette.

Cool Fang isn’t easily defined, as he takes standard guitar rock instrumentation, utilizing a lo-fi aesthetic to flesh out the melodies that are captivating. There’s nothing quite like Cool Fang, and his musical prowess is quite obvious as his collection of “fight songs about triumph and redefining one’s sense of self” explore a wide array of emotive imagery.

Dylan’s experimental ideas are explored through Cool Fang, writing and recording the songs in his Bay Area home, allowing his droning guitars to add repetitive motions without sounding at all repetitious. Today Cool Fang shares “Heartbreaker,” where the fruition of his own sound is present here. After constant listens, there’s something new to be heard every single time. The dissonance, the melody, the harmonics; they all blend beautifully together. Along with “Heartbreaker” is also the previously released “Tomboy” where he offers a different look, but more. It’s a thankful journey we’re all able to take alongside him. That’s just fact.

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(Photo: Sebastian Ortega)