Song Premiere: Colton Kayser, "I Don't Feel"

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “I Don’t Feel,” the new single from Colton Kayser. It is Kayser’s second piece of new music since his acclaimed LP, Place to Settle.

Kayser shares in his own words; “‘I Don’t Feel’ is a byproduct of my frustration with modern dating. I wrote it very angrily at five in the morning after finding myself in a situation where I had become more of a booty call than a boyfriend. I was just too naive to see it at the time. Anyway, I got this song out of the deal. I also learned you can’t expect others to treat you equitably even if they’re close to you. That was enlightening.

“As for recording the song, we did all the basic tracks live in one take. The engineer on the session, Tim Panella, told us the first take was too good, and wouldn’t allow us to do another one. He was like, ‘don’t disappoint me, this is the take. I knew one of the songs (we were recording) would be a first take.’ I thought that was hysterical so we kept it.”

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