Song Premiere: Colorworks, “Juliet of the Spirits”

Seattle indie pop collective Colorworks has premiered their new single “Juliet of the Spirits” today. Pulling influences from 80s synth, mid60’s acoustic pop, and melodic, intricate indie rock, the new single further documents the bands growth as a cohesive musical unit.

Bret Dylan on the masterful single: “I began writing the music to ‘Juliet of the Spirits’ at the end of 2018, But it really took shape in the spring of 2019 one evening with my long time writing partner, Greg. What began as a musical tribute to Let It Be era John Lennon morphed into a kind of mid 60’s Keith Richards acoustic pop song. Lyrically the song took shape after an LSD trip on July 4th of last year, with images of a rich ecosystem teeming with life, shared by nature and humans alike, hanging out in my brain. But the song couldn’t just be all third person observational wonder at the birds and trees, and the hippy harmony that I was gripped by! Where was I in the song? 

‘Juliet of the Spirits’ is our love letter to the summer, and the possibilities and dreams that the Seattle summer seems to conjure. Fall is pleasant and poetic, winter is long and grey, and spring just dumps tons of rain on our heads. But summer seems to possess what feels elusive in every other season – enough sunshine to bring people out, long enough days for them to meet, and just enough freedom to take a chance on a stranger. While the eagles and herons are doing their dance with potential partners in the sky, us humans are on the ground doing the same thing. 

And Juliet is out on the lake, care-free and loving life – adorned in trinkets she finds in the sand, perfectly cast for the majesty of the seasonal theatre playing out around her. Her lover on the shore, admiring from afar, that moment in the summer.”

Colorworks was founded by lead vocalist and guitarist Dylan in 2014, upon return from a stint living abroad when a personal commitment inspired creativity within him. With the help of his mentor and former guitar teacher Greg Carriere, and the new, dynamic lineup of vocalist and bassist KailenSwensen, vocalist and keyboardist Asher Einhorn, and drummer Deno Durant, Dylan and his bandmates craft songs designed to engage at first listen, while revealing themselves fully through deeper exploration.  

2016 saw the release of the Dreams of Mangoes EP. Then in 2018 Colorworks released self-titled EP – and won a Battle of Bands contest hosted by Seattle’s Pagliacci Pizza. Throughout this time, shifting in the band configuration and the addition of a keyboardist has made the newest iteration of the group the tightest and most tuneful they’ve ever been.