Song Premiere: Childish Japes, "9:41"

Do you ever wonder what goes through an artist’s mind as they are about to paint onto a canvas?  A potter flipping on the wheel with a block of clap spinning slowly in the center.  The same could be said about musicians.  There’s a moment of clarity that emerges and then the work begins.

This is how Brooklyn’s Childish Japes operates.  The sheer amount of nonconformity that each of the bandmates allows an unlimited amount of freedom to create music.  Drummer JP Bouvet is rather famous in the drumming community. He boasts 43k Instagram followers, 32k YouTube subscribers, has been featured in many major drum publications and has performed or taught in 30 countries. As a jack of all trades, outside of his improvised, jazz-inspired music, he has toured with Periphery, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, and Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders).

Today, Childish Japes have dropped a single to their upcoming album The Book of Japes titled “9:41”. At the beginning is a heavy guitar riff that finds its way towards a drum line that mysteriously pops in. This sets forth in motion a fury of blitzing sound that also some jazzy percussion. Childish Japes presents the listener a song that swings you around with recklessness, yet is in control the entire time.

The Book of Japes is set for release on April 12.