Song Premiere: Challenger, "Science of a Seizure"

Challenger recently sent us a track to share here at Ghettoblaster.  “Science of a Seizure) will be on their 2014 sophomore LP Back To Bellevue, but for now, they’ve released it to go along with the debut of the trailer for feature-length film Not Waving But Drowning, set to the song.
Challenger – “Science of a Seizure”:
Fun fact: Challenger was born in the making of this movie’s soundtrack. And writer/director Devyn Waitt was once a member of the band.  Here is more about the film:
Not Waving But Drowning is a lyrical film, beautifully photographed with a soundtrack that ushers you through the adventures and transformation of two best friends. The turning points of the girls’ “revolution summer” are subtle, the same way you can’t feel yourself changing day to day. At its core the film is about duality, right down to the fact that it’s two stories in one, as it opens with a short film The Most Girl Part of You. The film’s cast is lead by: Vanessa Ray (Pretty Little LiarsSuits), Megan Guinan, Adam Driver (Girls), Lynn Cohen (Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Isabelle McNally and introduces Lilli Reinhart and Ryan Munzert.
Writer/director, Devyn Waitt partnered with her fellow FSU Film School alum, Nicole Emanuele, to produce the film.  They raised funds from pretty much everywhere; family, friends, investors and a kickstarter campaign to help with one of the most exciting scenes, “The Horse on the Train.” With an army of FSU Alumni (Music: John Ross, Editor: Dylan Correll, DP: Nathan Levine Heaney, Costumes: Amelia Gibson and Megan Campbell) and new friends from the big apple (Production Design: Katy Rusch, Sound Editing: Eric Hoffman, Casting: Susan Shopmaker and Randi Glass, Finishing: Nice Dissolve) they put together a production that spanned three states, forty five days of shooting, and 260 afternoons spent in Devyn’s living room editing the film.
Not Waving But Drowning has captured audiences at film festivals, screenings and events in New York, LA, Sarasota, Tampa, Key West, Ann Arbor, Napa Valley, Wroclaw (Poland), Malmo (Sweden) and Paris. It’s been awarded the Top Jury Prize from US in Progress at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw Poland, a special prize for Cinematography at the Napa Valley Film Festival, and was selected as one of the top films at the Key West Film Festival to play in 17 Goodrich Quality Theaters.
The film is universally available on YouTube. Use this to get it: YouTube app on your TV.