Song Premiere: Catbeats, "Midnight in the Forest of Dweamz"

Back at the end of October, we premiered the single “Kowloon,” the ominous synth-banger from Tanimura Midnight. The mastermind behind Midnight is no other than Swedish Columbia head czar Shelby Cinca, whose resume includes helming Frodus, The Cassettes, and Triobelisk.
Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the next single from another project of Cinca’s, Catbeats, “Midnight in the Forest of Dweamz.” Inspired by epic 80’s synth soundtracks and classic arcade bash-em-up’s with Tanimura Midnight, the tracks on Catbeats upcoming album S/T seem more upbeat and reminiscent of incidental music that you might hear on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and music you’d hear in a village on an old console RPG.
Here’s Cinca on Catbeats: “This project has been a very essential therapy session for me, a respite from the current world and news. Noodling on the Op-1 on my balcony with my cats hanging around, who also reduce anxiety for me, so I ended up making totally unapologetic escapist music. My hope is that the music will create that ease for other people as well.” In addition to the Op-1, Cinca also used a pretty essential part of DC punk history on the recordings. “I also use a headless Hohner Bass that I bought off Joe Lally (Fugazi) when we were playing together in Decahedron. It’s super 80s and compact, kind of the last bass you’d expect Fugazi to use but it’s a great one with a great sound.”
Catbeats new album S/T will be released on cassette November 16th and is available for pre-order now.  The digital version is out today.