Song Premiere | Cardboard Box Colony, ‘Sink or Swim’

Loud, fast, and incredibly melodic, Cardboard Box Colony is a five-piece punk band from the mountains of Western North Carolina. Based in Asheville, the band blends elements of traditional skate punk with infectious hooks and melodies more commonly associated with pop punk. Cardboard Box Colony released their self-titled debut EP in 2020 and has gone on to release various singles while playing shows across the Southeast region.

Today, the band shares a track from their split EP with The Deathbots, which sees release via Stimulus Package Records. Pre-order the EP here.

Vocalist Logan Zachary says, “A grandfather figure in my life had his plane shot down over the ocean in WW2. Only a few survived before being rescued by a shipping barge. Another metaphorical layer is the sense of hopelessness someone in my life felt after being diagnosed with a disease; they felt like they were swimming with no land in sight, just trying to keep their head above water. They continue to be my most significant role model of determination. It’s not the fall that counts, it’s the reaction after you land.”

The band has an EP release show scheduled for April 15 at Fleetwood’s in Asheville, North Carolina, with The Deathbots and Small Doses supporting.

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Photo courtesy of Carboard Box Colony