Song Premiere: Capture Phase "Minute Man"

Move Forward. When a group becomes stagnantly immovable, that’s when things go awry. The usual suggestion? Move Forward. Most groups take heed to shifting and varying tastes, which allows seizing the moment. This is the way of Austin, TX’s Capture Phase, the quartet featuring Jordan Cope, Justin Stigall, Zach Chicoine, and Wade Allen, musicians who’ve honed their skills in notable acts like Ballerino, Mode Dodeca, and Honey and Salt.

While the members all share similar interests and music ideology, as can be heard through their respective projects moving through prog-rock with wide-eyed, indie post-rock modernism, the band hits the next stage in their respective development as musicians.

Capture Phase made its live debut this past August and soon after, went into the studio to record three songs which the band plans on releasing this coming Friday, December 6. To say the self-released EP is nothing short of amazing would be an understatement. In anticipation of the release, Capture Phase shares the frenetic single “Minute Man.”

Of the group’s music, the band shares:

This three-song EP was recorded over a weekend in September with our friend, Sean Harvey (The Kraken Quartet), at Brentwood Sound. We wanted to give an accurate representation of what the band sounds like since we’re a new band, so we wanted these songs to have a live, energetic quality to them. Also, the EP should be seen as a precursor to the LP that we hope to record early next year.

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