Song Premiere: Brat Curse Shares New, "Modern Snakes"

Out of Columbus, Ohio, the city that’s brought an array of musicianship ranging from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Lydia Loveless, New Bomb Turks, and twentyonepilots, to Illogic, Blueprint, and Fly Union, the new kids who aren’t so new are kicking up dust wherever they tread. That’s Brat Curse, of course, Columbus’ new favorite sons.

Formed in 2014 in Dayton, Ohio, by Brian Baker, Justin Baker and Chris Mengerink, Brat Curse takes their cue from a long line of Ohio heroic art-damaged, indie rock guitar bands. But don’t think for one moment the band is stuck in its tracks by its locality. Members Bryan plays in other groups like Dana and Sega Genocide, his brother Justin also plays in WV White, with additional members Chris and newcomer Joe Camerlengo play in other groups Good Shade and Van Dale respectively.

Brat Curse takes well-worn blueprints of snotty punk, tightly wound rhythms, and catchy melodies to make them their own for what’s to become the band’s sophomore self-titled releases (Anyway Records) dropping in August. Today the band premieres a new track, “Modern Snakes,” which is off the album, and will give listeners a clear idea of the group’s sound. The band tears it up here with absolutely no fvcks given.