Song Premiere: Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints, “You Know It Hurts Me”, “Anna (Go to Him)”

With deep sonic roots in virtually every style of mid-20th century American music – from Americana to blues to jazz, soul and vintage rock ’n’ roll – Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints offer a rangy dial’s worth of songs, all delivered with style and easy virtuosity.  “Before I ran the Gin Joints I was working as a gigging bassist where I was pulled into all these different musical orbits, I was raised by folkies, studied jazz and classical, spent some time studying with several West African musicians before putting together the band I have now” explains Pereira. “The songs I put together in the last year or so have jumped around stylistically. I realized that there were three pairs of tunes that fit well together as an A/B side, so I made the decision to let them stand on their own.”

Throughout the summer the band is releasing a series of 7”s.  Today the single “You Know It Hurts Me” and “Anna (Go to Him)” have been dropped.

Here’s the band on the single: “The A side of the “You Know It Hurts Me” 45 is the song “Anna (Go to Him)”. This is a cover of a tune written by Arthur Alexander, he was a Black singer and composer who put the Muscle Shoals studio on the map. He wanted to be a country singer but was pushed into R&B because of his race, but struggled to fit into any market, even though this tune of his became so big the Beatles eventually released it.”

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