Song Premiere: Big Water “Fuck He Does Not”

Screams. Thunder. Noise. Violence. Few words come to mind when describing music that’s become synonymous with lengthy locks, quick hands, and voluminous music set to 11. It’s all quite riveting and abrasive if you ask parents who are unable to conceptualize anything but heavy riffing and inaudible vocals. It’s been this way since the discovery of the amplifier.

Enter: Big Water, the three-piece out of Kansas City, Missouri who are about to release its full-length debut I’m All Out Of Shit To Fuck Up (Reptilian Records). The trio of guitarist Stephen Pelerito, drummer/vocalist Matt Perrin and bassist/vocalist Morgan “Punch” Mabrey make one hell of a racket but that’s not to say they don’t have a purpose in the direction of Big Water’s sonic upheaval of abrasion conceived throughout the album that’s set for release on May 28, 2021. The album contains 14 tracks that are unrelenting and certainly pull no punches throughout.

Obliging us in anticipation of the I’m All Out Of Shit To Fuck Up, is the band’s new single and first track on the release, “Fuck He Does Not,” which will hold up to yours or anyone else’s expectations. Angular guitars won’t leave anyone anticipating what the band’s next move is as the song is filled with dissonant notes, a thunderous bottom end, and raging vocals that are unrelenting. Song and album title notwithstanding, no fucks are given.

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