Song Premiere: Beautiful Dudes, "Peace Train"

Taking their name courtesy from a woman during a night out at a local bar, Nevada City’s own Beautiful Dudes have announced their sophomore album Radio, out November 8th.  Today, the quartet has premiered the latest single from the album titled “Peace Train.”

“Peace Train” according to lead singer Tom Bevitori says the song was written soon after Trump was elected. “It seemed like we were somewhat on the right track with the environment and social change–and then it just shifted in that moment of the election. I woke up the next day and everything felt different, particularly the weight of negativity instead of optimism. I became very depressed, confused, and felt empty. Our civil rights are in jeopardy, animals are suffering, and the earth is being used like a toilet. Watching it all, there’s a feeling of helplessness that’s hard to shake.”

Driving the joking manner of witnessing Trump’s vision of America, “Peace Train” drives the rock and roll instrumentals to a moodiness that captures an ominous, yet anthemic vibe.