Song Premiere: Ape Machine Shares "The Contract"

Portland, Oregon’s Ape Machine isn’t just another fly-by-night act, swooping in, releasing material and disappearing into darkness. No, that’s not the case with the band whose name alone conjures so much imagery, leaving much to the imagination. The band is set to release its new album, Darker Seas on September 7, 2018, on Ripple Music. This is the band’s 5th album produced by former Poison Idea drummer Steve Hanford. What makes things interesting is Hanford has joined the band, rounded out by  Caleb Heinze (vocals), Ian Watts (guitar), Brian True (bass), but there isn’t that Poison Idea punk tension here as Hanford’s drumming is loose and inviting. Regarding the group’s sound, they themselves have even described it as, “heavier and more progressive than previous records but also more structured and cinematic.” They couldn’t be more accurate.
Like many acts surviving and flourishing musically throughout recent years, there have been struggles with Ape Machine and Darker Seas reflects the group’s personal struggles. The band premieres its new single “The Contract,” pulling in heavy stoner riffing and 70’s grandiose rock play. Vocalist Caleb Heinze says this of the new track:
The Contract” is a song that reflects on the condition of being trapped in a web of shackles. Shackles that have been imposed on the masses by those who would seek to destroy any sense of unity by pitting us against each other in search of false hopes that can never be attained”.

Pre-order the album here.