Song Premiere | Aline & Wes, “My Superpower Is Love”

Rock duo Aline & Wes have carefully crafted their musical essences to present a truly remarkable experience.  Powerful and thoughtful, the musicians incorporate vocals with gravely electric guitars that feels raw and vintage.  Today Aline & Wes have released their latest single “My Superpower Is Love.”  Conjuring up deep melodic sounds eerily reminiscent to Jefferson Airplane, “My Superpower Is Love” embodies reverb-drenched guitar riffs and smoking bass. 

“When I think about what has kept me alive, I think about a few things. One is my love for my passion. Another is my love for someone. My faith has given me the strength to love. I think about that when I am singing this song,” Aline Vida says in regard to the single.

“The song is about our human superpower, which is loving one another, as we’re all on this earth together, navigating this strange world,” Wes Speight adds.

Separately, Aline & Wes have made reputations for themselves in the Seattle music scene. Vida, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in L.A., has sung fluttering vocals in clubs all over the world and graced radio stations like KSER and KEXP in the Northwest. Her song, “Secrets and Lies,” was featured on the Emmy-nominated television show, Justified.

Speight, originally from Tennessee, is a pointed and gnarly vocalist as creative in his songwriting as he is in his instrumentations. Equal parts comfortable headlining a summer festival as he is playing a dive bar at 1 in the morning, Speight is a multi-talented musician and prolific songwriter who, on occasion, has world-famous artists paint Sasquatch portraits as he plays on the stage.

Together, their music brightens, evident from their music press accolades, and the duo’s recent feature on King 5 Evening. Inspired by a desire to speak out about social injustices, life observations, and multifaceted relationships that seem as modern as they do timeless

Their most recent EP is called Armageddon of Love, is available now.

Photo Courtesy: Ashley Gruber