Song Premiere: Ags Connolly, "The Meaning of the Word"

Wrong Again is Ags Connolly’s third studio album, following on from his highly-acclaimed offerings How About Now (2014) and Nothin’ Unexpected (2017). The traditional country singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire, England, took the reins on this latest effort, producing the album with a team of London-based musicians in the peaceful and intimate surroundings of Woodworm Studios in his home county.

Ags also enlisted the expert help of accordionist Michael Guerra (The Mavericks) and fiddle player Eamon McLoughlin (Emmylou HarrisRodney Crowell), both of whom had graced his previous album.

Connolly has built a reputation over the last few years as an uncompromising country traditionalist in the UK and beyond, having also headlined shows across the US and Europe. In an era when the pop and rock incarnations of country music are enjoying a surge of popularity in the UK, Ags continues to defend the last outpost of the genre’s traditional roots. Wrong Again is another defiant offering in this vein, whilst also once again showcasing the high songwriting and lyrical standards his music has come to be known for.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “The Meaning of the Word,” and Connolly had this to say about it:

“‘The Meaning of the Word’ was – as was the case with a few songs on the album – a title I was sure had been used before, but if it has I couldn’t find where. It’s a fairly self-explanatory commentary on how the word ‘love’ gets thrown around. I envisaged it like something Ray Price would’ve done, so that’s the sound we were going for. Simple subject matter, a classic honky tonk arrangement…that distinctively country thing of trying to explain emotions in a simple way. This song was a great opportunity for Eamon McLoughlin’s fiddle and Joe Harvey-Whyte’s steel to shine. Really all my albums have been honky tonk albums chiefly, so I feel like people expect me to deliver on these kind of songs particularly.”

Wrong Again is available via Finstock Music November 1.