Song Premiere: Adrian Cohen, "People Watching"

17-year-old calendar-counting savant and artist Adrian Cohen is gearing up to release his third LP, This Is School.  He eats 200 cantaloupes a year, he says, and his whimsical, piano and synth-laden songs are the epitome of honesty and earnestness.
The new LP, out March 3, is a fresh and quirky collection of eccentric piano-pop. The first of his albums to heavily feature electric guitar, This Is School is a step forward for Adrian as he explores more creative orchestration and instrumentation. His offbeat but ingratiating vocal melodies remain front and center, however, transforming the songs from baroque piano-pop to modern pop-rock earworms.
New power-pop single “People Watching” tells a stream-of-consciousness story of staring out of a cafe window, imagining the lives of everyone passing on the street outside. Enjoy it below:

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