Song Premiere | She-Rōze “Hold Me Down”

For many, the mainstream remains at a distance but that doesn’t mean success doesn’t come riding the careening wave of counter-culture. For the multi-cultured Carla Antoinet Silveira, her discovery of Hip-Hop has allowed her to build her own career surrounded by a culture she’s fallen in love with. The Cuban-Filipina has had a host of experiences that have led her to this moment, a point in time where she dons her true identity as the artist She-Rōze. The foundation she stands on is attributed to her own life perspective and the values laid out in front of her, instilled by her parents throughout the years.

The Nevada native was the subject of 2021’s Queendom, an album she executive produced, by her husband the well-respected emcee Artson. The release was an ode to love, a dedication of sorts, based on the strength of their love and her influence on Artson’s own growth. She’s also featured on the album’s single, “Heavy Heart.” Moving forward into 2022, She-Rōze steps out on her own with her own music, creating a path of her own. Her new single “Hold Me Down,” is a direct reflection of what she’s witnessed & faced. She gets creative as well, and when she sings, “Tears are leaving trails on my face, stark memories I can’t erase,” Native American imagery is added into the mix. The single is off her new album We Rise, set for release February 2022.

During the pandemic, She-Rōze began releasing her own music. “I am not someone that’s ever been comfortable putting myself out there like that, and I would never say I love a challenge, but I can’t live with the idea of being a creative coward,” she explains.

She-Rōze pulls no punches, and within this track, she reflects on the deep internal struggle many face as we confront our experiences of oppression or a sense of being unseen, undervalued or underestimated. The pain and rage are palpable and universally familiar, but in the end, her message is clear. There must find a way to heal and move forward. “We all have more than our fair share of dark experiences and trauma,” she says, “but in the end, if we want our personal situations to change, or this world to change, we have to take action. And it all starts with the decision to make a choice – to advocate for ourselves and to walk away from toxic situations if needed. Doing nothing or running away from an obstacle is never an option for me. I’ll live or die trying.”

With her new album dropping soon, her focus is tightly wound. With her feet firmly planted in the Hip-Hop community, She-Rōze had her goals are keenly in sight. She offers, “It’s like what my husband Artson says… I’ll sleep when I stop dreamin’.”

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Photo | Ervin Arana