Song Premieres | Se Vende, ‘Cable Street’ and ‘All Gone Wrong’

Sand Diego, California’s Se Vende is releasing a split 7″ with No Stones on August 25. Formed in 2010 by guitarists Jonny Cuz and Collin Smith, Se Vende released their first album, Pour Me… Some Coffee, in 2013. The intervening years were marked by drug use and jail time that prevented the band from exploring its full potential. Now focused and with the addition of Ono Senteno on drums, Se Vende delivers dirty, crusty pop-punk — a raw sound that is tight.

Se Vende draws influence from well-known legends such as Jawbreaker and RVIVR, is further informed by bands such as Fifteen, and spit out in a haze of alternately jangling and buzz saw guitars driven by the rhythm section. Lyrically, Se Vende covers the continuum of the human experience, from hopeless drug addiction to hope for the future, without romanticizing either.

This  7″ EP vinyl split with No Stones is limited to 500 vinyl, black and white split colored. Preorder, here.

Of this split, the band explains: “We wrote these songs way back in 2011 when we were staying at a house some young punks were living at. They saw us on the street one night, they asked us if we could buy them beer, so we did and then said we could stay there. Before that, our squat got boarded up by the cops and we were too sketched out on meth to break in again. 

“The first song, ‘Cable Street,’ is about this time in particular: wasting away while using drugs and the sick mindset of a ‘searching for relief so I roll my sleeve’ lifestyle. We write about what we know, and at that time, that was what we knew: the day in and day out of using as much heroin and meth as we could, while simultaneously wishing we could stop.

“The song ‘All Gone Wrong’ is written from the perspective of taking a look into the time before life got all turned upside down and what may have brought us to the point where we couldn’t see a life free from drugs. It talks about a simpler time in life that was wholesome, before an unexpected turn of events, in this case, when Jon’s father passed away.

“We never really planned on putting these songs out. It wasn’t until we started messing around with them a year or two ago and our drummer, Ono, brought a new life to them. They weren’t really on our radar because we don’t really relate to the lyrics at all anymore, but it documents a point in time we found ourselves in.”

Upcoming shows:

October 25th – Tampa @ Hooch and Hive

October 29th – Gainesville @ Fest

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Photo by Chad Kelco