Denmark's DIET Premiere's "2002" Off Forthcoming E.P.

Hailing from Odense, Denmark, the 4-man group under the moniker of DIET, Lasse Smed, Hasse Mydtskov, Mads Emil Aagaard, and Jeppe Ostergaard, premiere the new track, “2002” off the band’s forthcoming E.P. The Sky Is Diseased (EggHunt Records), which drops February 9, 2018. The cleverness and nostalgic feel of the song’s electro-pop may have listeners believe these young gentlemen are wiser beyond their years but make no mistake, the song’s emotional value makes 2018 feel like it’s 1984 again.

Although DIET crafts music that would fit easily on a John Hughes movie soundtrack, the story behind the group’s music goes far deeper. The endearing kinship of childhood friends “Lasse & Hasse” is a unique bond that galvanizes the soul of their music. Like two magical spirits lifting from a secret well, these sparkling youths seem amazingly fresh and reborn. In fact, the magic of song has helped them through trying times. Lasse Smed began writing the songs while his mother was hospitalized, and his trusted Hasse fleshed out the drum tracks and overall engineering, giving Lasse the vision he needed. It’s the soothing melodies and longing for the bond of friendship that exemplifies DIET. You can pre-order The Sky Is Diseased  here.