Song Premiere | Ori Kawa & The Entals, “Lies”

Consisting of Ori Kawa (Vocals/Keyboard), Oscar Brown Jr. (Guitar), Todd Hill (Bass), and Myron Cherry (Drums), Ori Kawa & The Entals’ musical talents infuse into a captivating hybrid of rock, jazz, and funk-infused pop.  The result is diverse, genre-spanning sound that’s common denominator is Kawa’s charismatic, seasoned vocal performances and the stellar instrumental ability of the accompaniment.

Ori Kawa & The Entals have announced their latest EP Draw 4 is set for release on November 16.  The single “Lies” explodes instantaneously from the breakers with heavy guitar riffs and Kawa’s soulful falsetto which then gets trampled by primal screams.  As you scroll along with “Lies,” Kawa’s thoughts on the track ring so true: “Imagine a zombie slasher horror flick scene: “Crowded beach of scantily clad scallywags and summer sleazebag skeezoids. The dudes are setting up a volleyball net and grabbing brews from the cooler. The girls are laying down blankets and taking off their tops for a nice sun bath. Unbeknownst to them, Evil starts to bubble up from underneath the sea and manifests itself as an armada of undead surfers rising from the depths and riding the waves alongside zombie sharks…heading for the shore, looking to ruin somebody’s day, all to the tune of…LIES!”

Citing influence from artists such as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Jamie Lidell, Fat Freddy’s Drop, and Amp Fiddler, Ori Kawa has always been a true believer that we are all born ready to make music. From playing drums at various concerts and festivals during his mid-teens for San Jose Taiko’s junior performance program, finding his feet as a DJ and promoter in his home city of San Jose, and later discovering his unrivalled passion for singing, Kawa’s life has been abundant with music, with this reflecting upon the sophisticated sound that the band has been consistently carving out.

Next up for Ori Kawa & The Entals is the release of their highly-anticipated ‘Draw 4’ EP. Pivoting around beguiling vocal lines and instrumental riffs oozing with experience and class, the electronic-tinged, genre-fluid four-track body of work perfectly encapsulates the band’s deeply diverse approach to creating music. 

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