Song Premiere | Orange Island, “The Silent Partner”

Hailing from the suburban mill town of Clinton, Massachusetts, Orange Island was once a household name during the late ’90s and early ’00s post-hardcore scene. Though they were often mislabeled as emo, a more accurate description of their sound would be abrasive, yet mature, indie rock with an astute understanding of pop melodicism.

During that time, the band released albums with Triple Crown and Rise Records and toured with The Movielife, Taking Back Sunday, and other luminaries of the era.

One Night Stay combines melodic hardcore, complex guitar interplay with lots of pop-influenced choruses and deeply somber lyrics that focus on the darker sides of life. While out-of-print for the last 15 years, the album sees a reissue, and release on vinyl for the first time, via Iodine Recordings on September 30. It is fully remastered and features production by Matt Squire (Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and The Used).

Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “The Silent Partner” from the album today. Drummer Chuck Young says, “In film school, I was writing what, at its best, would’ve been a rom-com Memento or, at its worst, a Dude Where’s My Car for drunks. It was something where the main character wakes up having experienced the change we normally see at the end of a romantic comedy but where, since the protagonist had blacked out, he can’t remember the events leading up to this epiphany. It then ends up being this detective story starting with a little doodled note found by his bed.

“I also liked this idea at the time of trying to use cliches to say something meaningful and I had attached myself to this idea of hearing a question usually reserved for one-night stands spoken at the pearly gates,” Young adds.

Preorder it here.

Rumors of reunion shows in ’22 also abound…stay tuned.

Photo by Dickie Cummings