Song Premiere | The Nadas, “This Mess Is My Masterpiece”

Celebrated folk-Americana act The Nadas have amassed a loyal and dedicated following over the past three decades for their engaging live shows and distinctive 70s-meets-90s sound. Blending twangy, Stones-era “country honk” with raw, alt-rock energy and wistful, folk-leaning melodies, their music is as alive as it is authentic. Over 30 years of making music together, The Nadas have shared the stage with The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi, Big Head Todd and Barenaked Ladies, been inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, sold over 300,000 albums (even in a time when you can’t buy a CD player), earned praise from a wide range of major publications (including Playboy), and written the theme song for their hometown—twice. They’ve also developed a laid-back, narrative approach to songwriting, drawing inspiration from acts like The Head and the Heart, Avett Brothers, Indigo Girls, and Tom Petty, to explore the everyday joys and heartaches that make up a life.

Following singles “Other Side of 45” and “Come Along for the Ride” The Nadas have released their new single off their upcoming album Come Along for The Ride, “This Mess Is My Masterpiece.” Channeling the overwhelming feeling of the pace of life, especially post COVID, Mike Buttersworth explains, “We were talking about being busy all the time. Our producer Alex (Dezen of the Damnwells) started playing a progression and we took turns free styling lyrics.  Tape was rolling which was good because 90% of the song came in 10 minutes which was about how long we had before Alex had to leave for the airport to head home on our last day of writing. We thought it fitting that this should be the last tune on the album.”

Come Along for The Ride exhibits an effortlessness to the songwriting that feels anything but stagnant. These are songs that serve as invitations, asking listeners to start over, push on toward the dream, hop in the car, join the parade, get back on the bandwagon, and move forward into the unknown. Each track expands organically, built around a relatable, narrative backbone and laced with lyrics that conjure nostalgia for the way things are now. Down-to-earth, dynamic, and easygoing, Come Along for the Ride is the perfect soundtrack for life as it’s happening.

Photo Courtesy: Cullen Powers