Mount Mantras Premieres "No Good"

I’ve known of some collaborative efforts that have been born of necessity, but most are born of mutual interests, friendship, and an unquenchable thirst to try something new. As for Mount Mantras, I’m willing to bank on the latter. Mount Mantras is the brainchild of two minds, Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon and Alex Zavala, the beat maestro behind Dark Time Sunshine. The sound these two deliver under the Mount Mantras moniker is one that differs drastically from the music they create on their own. How did this musical union come about? It’s best to get the anwsers directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
Zavala tells me, “We’ve been planning a on working on a project for a minute now, just working out timing and such. I’ve been into house or house influenced stuff since I was a kid, It was one my first exposures to music in general and the most influential.” He continues, “Never really released any of the stuff I made until recently, all the house/UKG/UK Bass influenced music that is. Didn’t really decide it, it just is, know what I mean? That’s on the production side of course and then mi prima Terra is just magic.” Terra Lopez adds, “Alex and I met through mutual friends and then we were label mates for a time on Fake Four Inc. I loved his production with Dark Time Sunshine and he had asked if I would want to sing on some of his solo work. We just instantly clicked and started creating tracks together eventually as Mount Mantras. His work affects me very deeply- it’s able to take me to different places and change my entire day around. As soon as I hear his work, ideas came to me so creating together happened very naturally and organically. He has a background in house and I’ve always wanted to create in that genre so it’s been so much fun and very eye opening to me as an artist.”
Offered up today is Mount Mantras “No Good” which delivers on their genre’s promise.

(Music of Sister Crayon)

(Music of Dark Time Sunshine)