Conscious MC Asad ILL Premiere's "Free Your Mind Too"

At 21 years old, Asad ILL is already establishing himself as an artist known to have his feet firmly planted his creativity diving into socialism, philosophy, religion, and culture. He’s performed at local events held by the legendary Project Blowed KAOS network. 2015 saw the release of his debut mixtape 21, which set the stage for his his follow-up, Manifest Destiny, his first proper album to be released January 22, 2016.
Lyrically, Asad ILL’s wordplay is strong, while musically he uses  the production of Crem’e,  Eureka The Butcher ( Marcel Rodríguez-López of Mars Volta) and the like, to his benefit.  Listen to  the premiere of “Free Your Mind Too” here, pick up Manifest Destiny when it drops on the Order Label, and catch Asad ILL on the road.

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