Song Premiere | Mansions, “High Numbers”

Made up of Chris Browder and Robin Dove, Mansions have recorded a collection of work that has expanded into a heavy dose of an atmospheric environment with blown guitar riffs and temperamental vocals.  The duo’s 2020 release Big Bad pushed their contemporary vision into an area that is exciting and unknown. 

Inspired by Browder’s pandemic pastime of cataloging every show the band had ever played, Mansions are set to release their latest effort Old Best Friends (out October 28 via Bad Timing Records).  The minimalist, acoustic re-imagining of favorites songs from their catalog dives deep into the impeccable work that Mansions has done over the years.  “When we hit the 10-year anniversary of Dig Up The Dead, it got me thinking about everything we’ve done over our history” explains Browder. “I went back and listened to all of our records. I was surprised to find that even the stuff that feels old enough to have been a different person still resonates with me. It felt like reinterpreting all these old songs would be a meaningful way to honor that history, while also making it into something new that I can believe in all these years later.”

Today the duo has shared the single reimaged version of “High Numbers,” which was highlighted on 2017’s Deserter.  Browder says of the singe, “Of all the songs on Old Best Friends, this one might be the most different from the original, which was fuzzy, blown out, minor and sorta tough sounding. With some distance, I felt like that might have been a mistake, or at least undersold some of the prettiness and genuine emotion that I felt was there under the hood. So the new version is much more major and vulnerable, and paints the lyrics in a pretty different light. It’s maybe one of my favorite choruses I’ve ever written, so I was glad to have a second chance to present it.”

Mansions will be playing a full electric set at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY on March 11th, 2022, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the release of their seminal LP Dig Up The Dead. Tickets can be purchased here

Photo Courtesy: Chris Browder