Julia Haltigan Premieres "How To Make A Broken Heart"

If you haven’t heard of Julia Haltigan, maybe you’re just not in the know. Or maybe you’ve been stuck under mountains of files at your office. Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock. In any case, New York’s Julia Haltigan is part of Scarlett Johannson’s all-star band, The Singles, which is rounded out by Este Haim and Kendra Morris. Haltigan though is rellesing a new EP Hot Tears on April 26th. Her sultry voice is blended with 60’s orchestral pop while holding on to a NY punk vibe.
Here Julia Haltigan premieres “How To Make A Broken Heart” off of the EP. Take a listen.

Track List

  1. Burning Bridges & Breaking Hearts
  2. Money
  3. Fade Into The Dark
  4. How To Make A Broken Heart
  5. Another Highway City

(Photo Credit: Marc McAndrews)