Song Premiere | Joseph Duncan, “Always On My Mind”

From the basement of his parent’s house to dingy dives across America, Joseph “Hunter” Duncan captures raw emotion and distills it into well-crafted songwriting. He has spent the better part of a decade touring and releasing albums under various monikers (The Lion In Winter, Yosef), nurturing and focusing his storytelling. Now releasing music under his own name, EP III (out October 22) follows 2019’s EP I and the 2020 release EP II.

Today Duncan has released the latest single from EP III, “Always On My Mind.” Much like the other songs on the upcoming release, “Always On My Mind” crafts swirling, dreamy, shoegaze-tinged pop-folk.

Here’s Duncan on the single: “’Always On My Mind’” was written about a couple of months into sobriety and really having to redefine who I was and what I wanted. My relationship had fallen apart and all I could think about was the process of repair and mending that. It was a time of reflection and feeling like I could hold myself accountable for my past, for the issues I created and dealt with, and a really inspiring time to better myself. It was the catalyst song for the EP III and started me on this journey of telling my story, more intimately than prior records.”

Photo Courtesy: Hannah Gray