Song Premiere | Hutchie, ”Small Fish, Small Pond”

Defined from the beginning as having no stylistic agenda, Hutchie picks freely from the rock and roll canon. With several decades’ worth of punk bona fides between them, the three thirty-somethings were eager to explore the full range of influences they had absorbed throughout their lives as musicians. What emerged is a sound that wraps flecks of pop and Americana around a core built on punk rock sensibilities.

Today Hutchie drops the stellar track coming off their upcoming album Some Other Way (out July 15th via Moodkiller Records), “Small Fish, Small Pond.”  The track encapsulates Hutchie’s fervent approach musically with an emotional energy that’s irresistible to audiences within the Seattle area and beyond. “‘Small Fish Small Pond’ is a song about being caught between our past and future selves. At some point, all of us decide whether we prefer the bells and whistles of the city or the simplicity of rural life. It conjures the nostalgia of open roads and being surrounded by nature, but also the fear of slipping back into narrow, small-town ideologies,” says vocalist Michelle Pannell.

Along with Pannell (Le Saboteur), Hutchie is a new band comprised of avowed scene lifers Kyle Latham (Ol’ Doris), and Doug Finley (BUGS). Together, the trio has crafted hook-filled, exceedingly catchy, and profoundly touching music where poignant lyrical vignettes are balanced with sing-along choruses to deliver a sound equally suited to teary-eyed sing-alongs and mosh pits.

Photo Courtesy: Melissa Kagerer