Song Premiere | Grand Mantis, “Nightmares”

The subterranean hip hop group Grand Mantis is a collaborative effort by lyricist/producer Yikes The Zero, vocal baritone Osevere, DJ Skipmode, and guitarist Thaddeus Cole-Pepper. The group delivers ark distorted psychedelic strings, turntable wizardry, and sinister flows woven by two very distinct wordsmiths.

Grand Mantis releases their debut album, Fangs, via Knife Hits Records to cassette and digital platforms on October 21. Fangs lies somewhere in between a vivid hypnotic soundscape and a loud rebellious unapologetic warning of things to come. Fans of MF Doom, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kool Keith will find much to love here.

The second single from the record is “Nightmares.” Yikes says it’s “Just some dark ol’ mellow stuff for those of us who believe October is the most wonderful time of the year.”

Pre-order the album here.