Song Premiere | Ethan Larsh, “Mustard On My Shirt”

Indie-Americana artist Ethan Larsh constantly explores different genres and mediums to make music. His ability to write authentic, sometimes deeply personal lyrics, to create memorable hooks, and to deliver a discernible energy and vibe that is inescapable in both his live and recorded work.

Today, Larsh is proud to release “Mustard On My Shirt” the second single from his upcoming Into Thine Kingdom of Heaven album, due for release on March 8th, 2024 courtesy of Alley Cat Studios. “Mustard On My Shirt” follows January’s “The Last Big Score”.

Written before Ethan Larsh stopped taking his anti-psych medication, “Mustard On My Shirt” describes a man who becomes suicidal after spilling mustard on his shirt.  Lyrically, it’s influenced partly by Randy Newman and Wilco – musically, it’s inspired by Bright Eyes, Wilco, and 70s country.

“I’m always amazed at how Newman manages to teeter the line between humor and darkness, not knowing whether to laugh or cry,” says Ethan Larsh.

The folk ballad “Mustard On My Shirt” further establishes Ethan Larsh’s distinct approach to the wider indie singer-songwriter field. With a sweeping melody, slick guitar licks, emotive vocals, and compelling lyrics, the track is thoroughly bolstered.

In part, the track was influenced by Ethan Larsh’s followers’ input. In a TikTok request for phrases to write tracks about, one clever comment suggested “Mustard On My Shirt”.