Song Premiere | Éclo, ”Flèche”

Violins, Cellos, and Trumpets resound from Peter Michel’s 10m² Paris apartment as Éclo’s self-titled debut album receives its final touches. Having spent much of the 2010s creating music and touring under the moniker Hibou, Éclo takes us down a much greener road.

Today Éclo releases the stunning single “Flèche.”  Much of the upcoming album (set for release July 1), the single is surrounded in flourishing guitar and echoing vocals that carry an emotional weight to the lyrics.  Simply put, “Flèche” is a moving piece of music.  “Flèche (meaning arrow in French) is a song about feeling directionless, and touches on the experience of forgetting the very reason we set out to do or accomplish something along the way to our destination,” says Michel on the single.

The themes of Éclo took on a different tone entirely than previous works. We now hear stories of fanciful dreamlands, support for animal rights, and a nettlesome perfectionism set free. In the spring of 2021, he at last was able to shake off the dust of his cooped-up isolation and, with the help of a Passeport Talent, make the journey of his heart’s desire.

Michel wound up with an album’s worth of songs under his belt for the project, and when it came time to record, he made a point not to rush the process. While he spent the better part of a year tracking almost all of his guitar and vocal takes in the US, the album’s sweeping symphonic quality comes from the musicians that he has met & worked with since settling into Paris, many of whom studied at the Conservatoire de Paris.

After shaping & tightly stitching together ten songs, we’re left with a record that still bleeds from the seams with a silver genuineness. Every soaring wave that the album carries us upon leads to a panorama of a blossoming earth.