Song Premiere | Dream Machine, “Find Me Again”

For Matthew and Doris Melton, together they believe there is something special to discover about this life — something mystical that holds everything together. Ultimately, the duo seeks to hone in on this mysterious frequency to connect with people through the exploration of life’s many perplexing unknowns. “We don’t know all the answers, but just maybe, if people can lay down their physical, mental, and spiritual weaponry and join hands, perhaps we can live together in a perpetual state of peace, love and kindness,” Doris says.

The duo musical endeavor Dream Machine seamlessly captures their thoughts and feelings into sounds of the 60’s and 70’s.  This in turn introduces audiences young and old to the mysterious and magical world of heavy psychedelic rock. Today, Dream Machine has released its single — the dreamy “Find Me Again.”

“Find Me Again” centers on a love story of two souls attempting to reunite in the afterlife. With an extended instrumental intro akin to the era, the vintage electric organ and fuzzed-out guitar riffs accompany buzzing vocals that may have you thinking it’s 1971 all over again. “Dream Machine offers a remedy for the predictable ongoings of the prefabricated modern world,” Matthew explains the concept of the track. “A plan to stick together beyond their earthly vessels is formulated, with a commitment that goes beyond what this three-dimensional world has to offer. As the cold hands of death close in, their two spirits spiral together upwards in an unbreakable otherworldly union transcending space and time for all eternity.”

Matthew and Doris debuted their unique sound on The Illusion (2017) and further solidified themselves in the genre on their sophomore offering Breaking the Circle (2017) — both released on Matthew’s own  Fuzz City Records. Dream Machine spent the next five years honing their craft and moving across the world from America ending up on the outskirts of Amsterdam. They brushed up against early 80’s synth pop on their third album Living the Dream (2022), continuing to tune to their preferred A=432 Hz, keeping their sound as authentic as possible. With influences from sonic icons such as Black Sabbath, The Doors, Deep Purple, and Iron Butterfly, their discography spans across the great emotions of the era with high regard for the recording process that honors the music of yesterday. 

Their forthcoming music features Joost van Eck [the Sunset Society] on bass and Gijs de Jong [Mooon] on drums, infamous mainstays in the Dutch music scene. To accompany their new music, the band will leave their home in Amsterdam to tour the U.S. throughout the spring. “There’s nothing quite like the ritual of playing concerts, how everyone comes together to share the experience and while performing we try to bring everything we have to it,” Doris admires. “Every show is a snapshot of where you’re at as an artist and to be able to connect with so many people at once is a strangely magical and highly satisfying experience. We live for it.”

Photo Courtesy: Logan Regnier