Song Premiere | Dirt Money “Johnny De Lira”

In 2020, rapper Dirt Money joined the Friend Club Records roster, and promptly released a split cassette with comedian Dan Smith. Taking a page from the Tim Dog playbook (anyone remember “Fuck Compton”?), Dirt Money’s “I Hate the Scene” and “Emo Revival Ruined Everything” warned potential listeners (and probably a few of his labelmates) that the material would be informed, inflammatory, and not particularly well suited for those without a sense of humor.

On the heels of last week’s Undercover In The Streets Vagrant Records tribute compilation released by Friend Club and Wiretap Records, for which Dirt naturally chose to deliver a Reggie and The Full Effect cover, he’s back with the first single from his debut full-length album, Scratch Ticket Prophet. The album sees release on July 8.

“Johnny De Lira” hits streaming platforms on May 26, but you can enjoy it here first today!

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