Song Premiere | Daisy Chain, ‘Nothing In Your Hand’

Based out of Los Angeles, California, rock outfit Daisy Chain (feat. members of Graf Orlock, Sweat, Mossbreaker) formed in 2017, culling inspiration from ‘90s grunge and post-hardcore, early ‘80s punk, and contemporary hardcore. The group plays raucous high energy riffs with a no-holds-barred, white-knuckle fury that makes even the smallest club feel like a massive arena. Growling vocals, chainsaw guitars, thundering bass, and mammoth drums make every song a sonic onslaught of punk rock potency blended with hard rock havoc.   

Daisy Chain’s forthcoming release, The World Is Not Spinning (Vitriol Records), can only be described as a lesson in riffing. The album delivers more—more fuzz, more fills, more fury—from start to finish. Tracks such as “Beat of the Chain” and “Roll the Dice” conjure the hard rock feel and attitude of the late-’80s Sunset Strip while “Nothing in Your Hand” and “The World Is Not Spinning” echo the influences of their hardcore and noise punk predecessors.

Today, Daisy Chain shares “Nothing in Your Hand,” the album’s second track. The song combines the bravado of hard rock with the sonic sensibility of hardcore; heavy, low, and brazen. This track opens with a bass groove that widens into a chorus, imbued with the catchiness and momentum of rock, along with the snarky sarcasm of punk. Toying with the interplay of riffs and solid rhythm, this song is a nod to the more melodic side of noisy hard rock.

Vocalist Kyle Barnes says, “This was about a relationship I had. Completely being lost in someone and seeing everything you want in them. Knowing that it could implode at any moment. Loving it and hating it at the same time. I was trying to capture the duality of the things that make us the happiest but also have the power to make us the most miserable in life. It begs the kind of cliché question of whether it is better to have never been involved at all or whether it fundamentally shapes who we are.”

The World is Not Spinning was engineered and mixed by Gabe Van Benschoten. Mastered at Rogue Planet by Mike Katajian. Produced by Gabe Van Benschoten and Daisy Chain. The album will be released on April 21, 2023. Preorder, here.