Song Premiere | Cuffed Shares “Possessed”

In essence, Tyler “Fournames” Fortney, the brainchild behind Los Angeles’ own Cuffed, which is more than just a fling with nostalgic references. Of course, it’s clear Cuffed wears its influences on proverbial sleeves and Fortney is intent on salvaging some of the sounds of his youth that have shaped him into who he is today. Synth-driven creations that are heavy on 80s sentiment and under the Cuffed moniker is much more powerful than one might think.

Fortney is a songwriter/producer/programmer who’s worked with an array of artists and has honed his skills in his own right. Cuffed is set to release the debut album, SPECTROPHILIA (Dune Altar), originally slated to be an EP release, which is intent on offering much more than haunting melodies and pulsating synths, giving listeners a deeper look into the music veteran’s psyche and look into his music.

In anticipation of the new release, Cuffed shares the single “Possessed,” taking all the hate, anger, pain, and love into the dark and brooding track that it is.

“In ‘Possessed’ we inhabit the skin of one who is aching to submit; dying to give themself in mind, body and soul to the chaos that inhabits the back alleys and basements of Los Angeles, and what that person might find if they look in the right places.” – Cuffed