Sofiane Pamart Shares Single “Berlin”

Following the release of his moving video for previous single “Nara,” today Sofiane Pamart shares “Berlin.” A French pianist residing in Paris, Sofiane has been one of the most in-demand session musicians among many artists in the French hip hop scene. His debut album Planet was received so warmly, that today he returns with a deluxe digital edition, Planet Gold (CDs available on November 20). “Berlin” depicts a love/hate relationship that symbolizes the remnant of war, as well as a poetic and cold confrontation between two lovers as shown in the accompanying video.

Sofiane delivers an astonishing performance throughout Planet Gold – the record oozes with characteristics of an accomplished virtuosic musician. Each song carries a unique character, the flow and cohesiveness of the record marking him a true creative. The album is dedicated to natural or urban landscapes, with all 18 tracks named after cities from Paris to Chicago, and natural wonders from Alaska to Madagascar. “Each city that I visit, for filming or for pleasure, inspires me,” says Sofiane. “Each piece bears the name of a city. Sometimes the emotion is the one that came to me on the spot, sometimes I completely imagined it, as is the case with Alaska.”
Originally released in France in 2019, Sofiane’s debut album Planet received critical acclaim. This deluxe edition and its original 12 compositions are joined by six brand new tracks. The resulting album is a mesmerising and emotional journey, halfway between spectacular film scores and adventurous stories, which capture the unique talent of this young pianist and composer. Listening, we surf on a diagonal that joins Chopin to Keith Jarrett or Bill Evans. Everything seems fluid, airy, playful or romantic. 
Sofiane Pamart is a musical virtuoso and Gold Medalist of the National Conservatory of Lille. He was noticed for his ardour and his strong, aggressive and particularly rebellious temperament. He is devoted to the composition of his work rather than to the interpretation of the classical repertoire. His neoclassical work is of a dark and poetic nature, embodying an emotional accuracy that allows him to reach and draw in large audiences.
Prior to launching his solo career in 2019, he was renowned as the collaborator of choice for the French hip-hop scene, having worked with artists including Koba LaD, Maes, Vald, Laylow, Dinos, Madd, Isha, Youv Dee, Rémy, 7Jaws, Hugo TSR, Lord Esperanza, L’Or du Commun, Lonepsi, Scylla, Médine and Aloise Sauvage, as well as DJ and producer The Magician and singer-songwriter Marina Kaye.
Sofiane, who began his musical life in a rap group, set out from a young age to demystify the piano amongst his friends. “I really wanted to become the pianist of French rap,” he explains. “To become the reference in this environment, and to bring back these phrasings, this capacity with richer and more varied harmonies.”