Soccer Mommy Shares Latest Single ”Unholy Affliction”

Soccer Mommy recently announced her new full-length album, Sometimes, Forever, produced by Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never, and today she shares another single off of the forthcoming record. Following lead single “Shotgun” is the spellbinding “Unholy Affliction.” Showcasing Allison’s appreciation for textures that are at once pretty and unsettling, “Unholy Affliction” highlights the masterful collaboration between Allison and Lopatin.“’Unholy’ was really fun in the studio because the end result was totally different from what we expected,” explains Allison. “Dan made this really cool sequence with the demo vocals that wound up becoming most of the song. It was nice to have 2 different versions of the song that kind of mashed together.”

Sometimes, Forever is boldest and most aesthetically adventurous work yet, and cements Sophie Allison’s status as one of the most gifted songwriters making rock music right now. It sees Allison once again tapping into the turn-of-the-millenium sensibilities she’s known for, as she advances her self-made sonic world beyond the present and into the future with experimental-minded production, an expanded moodboard of vintage touchstones, and some of her most sophisticated songwriting to date. Inspired by the concept that neither sorrow nor happiness is permanent, Sometimes, Forever is a fresh peek into the mind of an artist who synthesizes everything — retro sounds, personal tumult, the relatable disorder of modern life — into original music that feels built to last a long time. Maybe even forever.

Photo Courtesy: Sophie Hur