SNST release newest single, "Worth It"

SNST featuring Chris Broach of BRAID and The Firebird Band and Sonja Broach, present their newest track “Worth It,” taken from the band’s sophomore album It’s Hard To Be Loved By You (slated for Spring 2020). Produced, recorded, and mixed by Chris Broach, “Worth It” continues with their updated sound featuring Sonja Broach as the lead vocalist for SNST.

According to Sonja Broach, “‘Worth It’ is the first song we recorded with my singing.  It feels cautious, moody, and even sexy. It’s the sort of song that feels ready to start something and in my mind is an album/show opener.  

“Lyrically this is about walking on egg shells with someone and feeling like you’re never enough… trying to be enough, and being determined to make everything you go through be worth it,” she confesses. “Musically it’s a little bit of a journey… I love when the synth kicks in after the first two lines I sing. It feels intense. It’s sort of like a mood change – and the breakdown is like a real life breakdown. The monotony of the last line is the truth. ‘Every day’s the same. We can’t change…’”

The music is deep, the guitars on the chorus are crunchier than ever, and the verses are sparse and roomy for Sonja’s warm voice to shine through. This new track could be described as being reminiscent of bands like: The Metric, Phantogram, The Pixies, and a bit of Billie Eilish

“I think the closeness of the vocals in the verse is what keeps this song feeling intimate,” Chris Broach adds. “It’s still close in the chorus, but the guitars and the distortion gives it a bit more edge.”

SNST will be continuing to release singles throughout the Fall of 2019 prior to the release of their aforementioned sophomore album. In the meantime, “Worth It” is out Friday, November 15 on City at Night / SNST RCRDS.