snny Shares Latest Single “Abidjan”

Born in Africa’s Ivory Coast before coming to the U.S. with his mom at the age of five, snny will release his new Otitọ EP on May 8. Yesterday, he released a new single “Abidjan” which was written just after purchasing his ticket back to his birthplace after almost 18 years.

 “I didn’t know what to expect,” shares snny. “I just envisioned my cousins and friends all grown up. And the new conversations we’d have about stability and growth when they used to be about marbles and soccer. My older cousin and my grandparents passed away while I was abroad. This was a way for me to celebrate them and my return home.” 
With pulsing synths, deliciously rubbery production touches, and snny’s elegant and elastic R&B vocals anchoring everything around him, the collection pushes the boundaries of modern pop music while exploring universal themes of love, family, and identity—a balm for the soul as well as body-moving music that’s perfectly and equally suited for raucous parties and moments of deep introspection. It’s that sense of looking forward while recalling your past—of pursuing your passions regardless of what the world looks like or has in store for you—that streaks Otitọ’s melodic, emotive framework. “I want people to listen to something that I create and feel they can create something too, no matter what world they’re in,” snny explains. “Especially kids that are immigrants and feel marginalized. For me, to try to empower kids in any sense is important.” 
snny’s previous single “Young Boy” is featured on the Netflix Original series On My Block, earning 2.5 mil+ streams on Spotify and he collaborated with pop-trio SHAED on “You Got Me Like” which has accumulated 3.5mil+ streams. “Young Boy” was also used in fashion brand Tibi’s 2017 NY Fashion week runway show and snny has also modeled for Rachel Antonoff’s fashion brand.