Skeleten Drops “Teenager Of The Year”

Skeleten is music for the moment. Emotive but understated, entrancing but genuine. The Sydney producer / multi-instrumentalist (real name Russell Fitzgibbon) is a master at building a space for the listener to step out of time. Today he’s launched into 2023 with “Teenager Of The Year”, reworking Lo-Tel’s ‘Looking For Alibrandi’ classic into a nostalgic yet modern twist on drum and bass – a self-professed “dedication to the youth”. 

For years Fitzgibbon has been enmeshed in Sydney’s underground dance / indie scene – turning heads for his euphoric electronic, pop sonics and immersive live experience. Skeleten emerged out of a need to experiment and make music without worrying about the outcome. As the project has evolved, he aims to make music that will bring people together, and create an atmosphere of elation.